Setting Pace in 2024 Workshop • Bismarck, ND

Stop being a follower.
Set the Pace in 2024.

Are you tired of working hard, yet constantly struggling to keep up with everyone else in the fast-paced world of business? It’s time to break free from the crowd and set the pace in 2024. Welcome to our workshop, ‘Setting Pace in 2024,’ where we empower you to stop being a follower and become a leader in your industry.

Actionable tools to use in your business

Create Effective Business Strategy

Implement systems to improve your team

Are you a business owner and tired of…

Scaling Challenges prohibiting you from being a pace setter and keeping you in a rut?

Trying to keep up with evolving marketing trends and strategies only to find they changed again?

Dealing with frequent staff changes and the associated hiring and training processes setting you back?

The weight of making critical decisions that impact the business's success weighing you down?

Then join us on

Wed, January 31 at 10:30am at The Hub in Bismarck

Maximize ND is coming to Bismarck, North Dakota in November! Maximize ND focuses on helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Leaders develop and grow their businesses to desired outcomes.

The Speakers in Mandan

Desri Neether

Ryan Botner

John Krueger

Jonathan Starr

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5 Hours

4 Speakers

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Wed, Jan



Registration & Networking

Be sure to bring your business cards as we will have a time of networking. 


“Mastering your PACE for Success”

Persistence, Action, Commitment, Endurance: Finding your stride to reach the finish line.

  • Create a roadmap to achieve your goals in 2024, including productivity tools to streamline your business & time management
  • Create your Standard of Excellence. This is the foundation of who you and your business are.
  • Tactics for endurance & energy to continue to be on ‘your game’

Desri Neether


From Chaos to Clarity: Mastering the Customer Journey

Create an effective journey map for your customers that your team can implement

  • Create a customer journey map showing how you will get clients and turn them into adovcates for your brand
  • Tips on how to implement this with your team so that every one is pursing the same goals
  • Creative ways to increase traffic for your business online

Jonathan Starr


Lunch and Mastermind

Lunch will be delicious but the Mastermind groups will help you work through real problems that you are currently facing in your business. Working with other business owners, entrepeneurs, and C-Suite Executives you will be able to get solutions.


“Activate your inner Integrator”

Utilize the proven principles of EOS to meet your business goals.

  • “I have to do everything myself!” (Let Go of the Vine!)
  • “I don’t have competent people or cant find the right people.” (Right People in the Right Seats (People Analyzer & GWC))
  • “I have to do everything myself!” (Utilize your Leadership Team or create one if you don’t have one yet.)

John Krueger


“The Intentional Leader”

Discover the obstacles that hinder your Leadership walk and recognize what True Leaders focus on.

  • Growth doesn’t just happen
  • Followers need a Visionary
  • Championship Networking
  • Create a one-page Strategic Plan

Ryan Botner

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